Your guide to sustainable and healthy products in the supermarket

Impact Score® Shopping

An app to help you find sustainable and healthy products in the UK supermarket.

Just scan the barcode, see which badges the product wins, and check out the alternatives for new ideas. We can all make a difference, one step at a time.

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Impact Score® is here to make it easy to shop sustainably


We believe we can all reduce our environmental footprint one step at a time and play a part in protecting the environment now and for future generations.

Download the Impact Score® Shopping app to get informed and know the impact of your UK supermarket products for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Find products that are healthier and more ethical too


We also check for chemicals of concern, high animal welfare, additives and healthiness too. Just scan the barcode, or search, to check your products.


Over 280,000 supermarket products


Impact Score®'s mission is to help people cut their environmental footprints. We provide accessible, independent, transparent information to help people change habits to live more sustainably.

Our 15 badges cover sustainability, health and fairness.

What people say


Less chemicals, less pesticides, better for the birds, the bees and the soil too.

No Chemicals of Concern

Cuts chemicals linked to health issues.

Free from Additives

Cuts down on processed food.

Greener Cosmetics

More natural, fewer chemicals, kinder to you and the planet.

Healthier Option

Lower fat, sugar and salt.

Responsibly sourced

Better for the environment and better for workers.

Animal Welfare

Higher welfare standards, no factory farms.

Kinder Cleaning

Better for the environment, kinder to you.

No Animal Testing

No Animal Testing!

Low Carbon Footprint

Less carbon, better for climate change.

Palm oil
Sustainable Palm Oil

Less deforestation, better for nature, climate change and animals too.

Better packaging
Better Packaging

Less Plastic, less rubbish, more recycling!

Hero product
Hero Products

The most sustainable and healthy products in the supermarket.

UK Made

Less transportation is better for the environment. Some people also prefer to buy UK made products.

Plant based
Plant Based

Plant based foods are a key part of a sustainable diet.

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